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We’re sparkIT

We’re all about leading the charge towards greener tech!

Our goal? Making sustainability in IT a breeze for businesses.

We help you blend innovation with environmental smarts. Think of us as your guides, showing how to shrink that digital carbon footprint, amp up tech efficiency, and embrace low-impact tech.

Our services

How we can help transform your IT


Forging Sustainable Digital Pathways

Chart a comprehensive strategy for sustainable IT practice, set a unified vision and ignite your journey towards a greener IT environment.

Lifecycle Assessment

Understanding the Environmental Footprint

IT Lifecycle Assessments (LCAs) provide a holistic view of your technology’s environmental impact, from raw material extraction to end of life disposal. LCAs give you a data driven view of levers for change and greatest impact areas. Make informed decision for a greener IT ecosystem.


Transforming Strategy into Action

It’s time to turn plans into action. We’ll collaborate closely to implement customized, practical steps that align with your goals. From optimizing energy use to adopting eco-friendly technologies, let’s build a smarter, greener IT infrastructure together.

Green Leadership Development

Cultivating Eco-conscious Tech Leaders

Equip your leadership with the knowledge they need to stay informed and impact aware. Invite your senior management to an engaging workshop tailored for IT and Sustainability leaders in your organisation.

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